Who is the royal racist? Oddsmakers tip Andrew, Kate and Charles

Online oddsmaker MyBookie tips the following royals to be outed as the royal racist who fretted over Archie Windsor's skintone. [via Press Release]

My feeling is that Andrew is an irrational bet: people want him to be the racist in question because he is already suspected of victimizing girls trafficked by his billionaire pal Jeffrey Epstein. And I think that the bet on Kate is similarly unlikely, based on a media persona that has more to do with sexist tabloid storytelling of a different kind.

Charles, however, is quite famous for blurting out his assumptions in the form of stupid questions, so that horse gets my dollar.

Oddly missing from the list, though, is Princess Michael of Kent, whose indifferent racist nonsense is documented. I'd put a tenner on her.

The truthiest outcome, however, is that every last one of them said it in more or less the suggested form, like a running joke in the world's second-worst sit-com.