Win a $4,000 Home Arcade Polycade system and some of history's best video games

In the future, the Polycade may be how all home gaming is played. And right now, we're having a hard time determining why this wouldn't be a great thing.

Combining the variety of a home console like the Xbox or PlayStation with the thrill of an old school arcade cabinet, you can now get a Polycade system of your very own with a whole bunch of cool games as part of The Ultimate Home Arcade Polycade Giveaway.

The centerpiece of this $4,000 prize package is an ultra-cool Polycade. While it looks like part of an arcade cabinet mounted to a wall, the brains of the Polycade are actually more like a high-end gaming PC. 

With a glorious 27-inch HD screen, the Polycade serves up virtually thousands of classic and modern games, including hits from systems of old like the NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16, and more. 

The Polycade not only comes with a professional-grade array of joysticks and buttons for perfect control accuracy, but players can also connect a keyboard, mouse, extra storage, and more to play all their favorites their way.

As part of this contest, the winner also receives an Ultimate Modern Fighting Game Pack, featuring 54 pre-installed editions of some of the finest fighting games ever created, including Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Caliber VI, Street Fighter X, and more! 

All you have to do for your shot at winning is submit your free entry into the sweepstakes — and if your name is drawn, you win!

If you'd rather not leave winning a prize this grand up to chance, then you can put your thumb on the scale a bit and get up to thousands of additional entries by making a donation to one of the world's most recognized international causes, the Playing for Change Foundation.

With just a $10 donation to the foundation, you receive 100 total entries into the contest. The move you give, the better your chances become with extra chances to win for $25 (250 entries), $50 (1,000), $75 (1,500), $100 (2,500), and $150 (4,500) donations to Playing for Change.

And that's money going to an amazing organization. Playing for Change is an internationally-known 501(c)3 non-profit bringing music and music education to marginalized and at-risk kids in under-developed regions around the world.

Your donation helps bring music courses and other music training to kids in countries like Bangladesh, Ghana, Morocco, Argentina and Thailand, all taught by local instructors set on helping children grow and ultimately become a force for social change worldwide.

Enter the contest for free or increase your chances with a donation, but make sure you get your entry (or entries) in by June 10

Prices subject to change.