Get a brand new Google Home Smart Speaker at 60% off

Remember back when the Amazon Alexa was the only name in home smart speakers? Things have definitely changed since early 2015; while Amazon is still no. 1 in smart speaker sales, Google is giving Amazon a run for its money, now holding a 22.6 percent global smart speaker market share to Amazon's 28.3 percent. 

Now with both devices so evenly matched, it often comes down to price when you're looking for a new home speaker assistant. With that in mind, this deal for a Google Home Smart Speaker at 60 percent off might be enough to convert your home into a Google household. Outlets like PCMag even give Google Home a slight edge in performance over Alexa, saying "Google Assistant is easier to use, less frustrating, and more fluid."

We all know how these smart speakers work now — just ask a question or issue a command, and at the sound of your voice, Google Home delivers.

Abilities like serving news updates, setting calendar appointments, or ordering a pizza are old hat now, but Google Home constantly adds new features at a blistering pace. Once integrated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi into your network, you can sync your Google Home with smart speakers throughout your home, broadcast messages, or even set up multi-action routines that happen automatically. 

For example, if you tell Google Home it's time for bed, you can launch a whole sequence of events that put your phone in silent mode, set your wake-up alarm, and turn off your Wi-Fi-enabled lights.

Of course, Google Home is still a speaker, so it's masterful for playing music and filling your room with immersive sound.

These open box models are brand new, so they're kind of like buying a new car after someone else drove it off the lot and took the depreciation hit.

Regularly $99, you can get one of these Google Home Smart Speakers with Google Assistant for a whopping 60 percent off at just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.