This grandmaster-led training can turn a chess beginner into an expert

"While all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists." – Marcel Duchamp, artist.

It's easy to look at chess as a game. Fundamentally, that's why it's existed for more than 1,200 years. It's also been fashionable to analyze chess as a metaphor for war, with attacks and tactics that ground the game against its real-world analogy.

But to many, chess is also art. Played at its highest levels, chess demands creativity, going beyond gameplay moves into psychology as master players probe their opponents, present a strategy, and if done correctly, can actually elicit the response they want. 

With the training in The Ultimate Beginner to Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle, players can climb that ladder, escalating a board game to an honest-to-goodness artistic expression in the right hands.

The package is the motherlode of chess knowledge: a three-course, 137-hour examination of game fundamentals, techniques, and even the mindset needed to help new players get good and good players become masters.

Since becoming a master means beating one, this instruction is anchored by some of the greatest chess minds in the world, each imparting their hard-earned wisdom about the real do's and don'ts of tackling the Game of Kings.

Newbies won't be newbies for long after completing Chess for Beginners: The Ultimate Course Bundle. This 44-hour introduction to chess strategies focuses on the common mistakes made by players rated below 1800 ELO — with chess masters Damian Lemos, Alisa Melekhina, and Anna Rudolf teaching secret opening, mid-game, and endgame approaches to fix any player's game flaws.

In Advanced Chess Strategy Mega Bundle, a murderer's row of chess greats elevate your chess understanding and hone your thought process to improve your calculations and board awareness. Grandmasters Simon Williams, Judit Polgar, and Niclas Huschenbeth along with international master Nazi Paikidze feed your chess growth like steroids, offering steps for recognizing patterns, simplifying gameplay, and how to find game-saving moves from even the most compromised game positions.

Finally, Road to Chess Mastery: Quick Chess Improvement Mega Bundle rounds out the training, with Lemos, Williams, Lawrence Trent and Marian Petrov uploading their chess brilliance straight to users — but without the thousands of hours of winning and losing to find these game truths.

The Ultimate Beginner to Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle is nearly $750 worth of elite chess training that's now available at almost 90 percent off, or just $89.99.

Prices subject to change.