Check out one of the coolest clocks and stylish nightlights you can buy today

Look, anybody can go to Target, pick up one of those traditional, functional, yet entirely uninteresting analog clocks, slap it against their room wall, and call it a day. Yes, it tells time. Yes, it gets the job done. And yes, it doesn't challenge anybody or anything.

But shouldn't you try to make a statement with something as unique as a clock? It just feels like too big an opportunity not to show a little bit of you in how you choose to acknowledge and represent time in your living space. If you want a bit more personality from your timepiece, then this RGB Clock Ambient Night Light is right up your alley.

Just a quick glance makes it clear you're dealing with something unusual here. In fact, you might even have a little difficulty figuring it out at a quick glance.

But look closer. This retro glow tube electronic clock looks like you lined up a set of five clear acrylic boxes on your desk. When it's fired up, the LEDs blaze to life, displaying your current time right down to the second. And while it strikes a lasting impression in the light of day, it's once the sun comes down that this clock really steps up, casting an eerie retro, yet futuristic glow over your space as the seconds, minutes, and hours start ticking by.

While that would be cool in and of itself, this clock is also fully customizable, with six different modes to match just the vibe you're looking to create. You can choose the particular color you want or let it rotate through a host of different hues. You can set the numbers to flash as they count off the time, or they can be set to pulse with their own unique breathing pattern.

And unlike other clocks, this one actually retains the time when you suffer a power outage or re-plug it for a reset.

If you want to go for strange, unique, or unexpected, this timepiece has it in spades. Or if you just want to make sure you're never labeled as boring, this clock will definitely make sure you won't get painted with that brush.

Regularly $140, the RGB Clock Ambient Night Light is available now at more than 30 percent off, down to only $94.99.

Prices subject to change.