Knock out all your household jobs with this 47-piece electric screwdriver set

Screwdrivers are like wrenches. You could have literally dozens of 'em in your tool kit and still not find the exact one you're looking for and need. With all sorts of sizes, formats, and variations, it's tough to find "one screwdriver to rule them all". This helpful 47-Piece Electric Screwdriver and Attachment Set from Ineedmeone isn't a bad place to start, however.

Packing all sorts of extra options and bit variants, this multifunctional electric workhorse is uniquely primed to speedily handle most, if not all, of the screwing jobs that might pop up in your living space.

Waterproof, drop resistant, and durable, this cordless, rechargeable drill is a versatile appliance for handling most projects. Sporting almost 30 different bits, this set is ready and capable of jumping in to service to handle all four of the most recognized screwdriver head types: slotted, Phillips, Square, and Torx.

With your bit in place, the drill itself has a rotatable handle which helps make it easier to maneuver into position for just the right angle to screw or unscrew your objective. The six adjustable speeds also ensure that you've got just the right tool and attachment for to do the right job.

Of course, part of this set's secret superpower is that it isn't just a screwdriver set. The collection also includes an assortment of sockets and drill bits to diversify your use, which can shift from clockwise to counter-clockwise rotation at the touch of a button.

Compact and portable with its own convenient carrying case, this tool has one more slick card to play: the powerful LED light built right into the hilt of the drill. With a tap, the three LED bead lights burst into full bloom, offering the light you need if your project has gone into overtime.

This complete 47-Piece Electric Screwdriver and Attachment Set is usually priced at $129, but as part of this deal, it's on sale now for just $99.95, a savings of over 20 percent.

Prices subject to change.