This time I can eat the slow-and-low smoked pork butt

Last week I put almost 13 hours into a pork butt, fell to sleep while it was cooling on my counter, and later determined it was no longer safe to eat.

This time I learned my lessons! I started earlier! I added some ribs to the grill so I had something to eat if the butt took a really long time. When the butt did take a long time, I was prepared, wrapped it and rested it til it could be refrigerated.

Today I heated it back up and pulled that pork.

It is delicious. I think I may spread some of it out on a baking rack and crisp it up, so as to serve like carnitas.

The pork butt was seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Honey Powder. The ribs got a memphis-style dry rub and then I sauced them with a hickory-sriracha.