A crystal ball started this home fire

According to the Delton, Wisconsin fire department, a home fire last week was sparked by a crystal ball on a table in the living room. As none of the residents or responders were injured, I feel more comfortable making the obvious joke: Shouldn't the crystal ball have enabled them to predict this?From the Delton Fire Department Facebook page:

Shortly after 4:00PM on the day of the fire, the owner arrived home, discovered thick smoke throughout the house, and immediately called 911. An investigation determined the fire started on a couch in the living room and the cause of the fire was determined to be from a glass "crystal ball" ornament. The crystal ball had been located on a table near the couch and in direct sunlight. When sunshine came through a large set of windows and through the glass ball, it ignited the couch.

Homeowners should keep items such as crystals, mirrors, glass ornaments, and even bottles away from direct sunlight and particularly away from anything flammable. These items can act just like a magnifying glass and focus sunlight so that the energy, which would normally be spread out over a wide area, is delivered to a much smaller point.