Anti-government activist Ammon Bundy arrested for refusing to wear mask in court

Last year narcissistic attention-seeker Ammon Bundy was arrested for trespassing at the Idaho Statehouse and resisting arrest charges after he refused to get out of a swivel chair and had to be wheeled out by officers. Also last year the self-centered grandstander caused his son's high school football game to be canceled at halftime because he refused to wear a facemask. Now the federal land abusing manbaby is back with the stunts. Bundy was supposed to appear in court for the trespassing offense but again refused to wear a mask to court. The unsympathetic judge has locked him up and Bundy remains in jail pending bond.

From NBC News:

"Mr. Bundy today refused to wear a mask to come into the courthouse and thus was not granted admission," Steven Hippler, administrative judge for the Fourth Judicial District, told NBC News.

And when he didn't get inside the Ada County Courthouse, Magistrate Judge David Manweile issued a warrant for Bundy's arrest.

As of 8:30 p.m. MT, Bundy was still being held in lieu of $10,000 bail, jail records showed.

If or when Bundy makes bail, a condition of the bond will be a requirement that he follow courthouse rules, including face coverings, said Hippler.