Ted Cruz's weird defense of Tucker Carlson has Twitter in stitches

Shameless Ted Cruz is once again getting teased for being a sanctimonious hypocrite. This time, the senator from Texas issued a demand that top military brass come to him, heads lowered and hats in hand, to explain why they are making fun of misogynistic white nationalist Tucker Carlson.

As you might recall, Carlson is currently on a tear about the "feminization" of the military, which frightens him. The military pushed back on Carlson's weird fascination, which sent Cruz into righteous indignation. "I've demanded a meeting with the Commandant of the USMC to put a stop to it," he tweeted, no doubt stroking his luxuriant beard with the smug satisfaction of a man who happily abandoned his starving, freezing constituents for a Mexico vacation and then barefacedly lied about it.

Twitter wags jumped in to point out the weird fact that Cruz is furious about the military defending itself against Carlson's grossly misinformed campaign yet kept his usually loquacious trap shut when god-emperor Trump and other hard-right personalities made fun of his wife's appearance and spread insanely stupid rumors that his father was part of a team that assassinated JFK.

Here are a few of the tweets:

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Image: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0