Uber cougher faces 20 years in prison

Arna Kimiai (24), aka the Uber Cougher, faces charges that could keep her locked up for 20 years. Last week Kimiai was recorded by her Uber driver ripping off his mask, coughing on him, and grabbing his cell phone.

From Vice:

In total, Kimiai is facing up to 20 years in prison. The charge of battery of a transit employee comes with a potential one year in prison and up to $10,000, and the first-degree robbery charge could land her in prison for 3-9 years. A sentence for Kimiai's conspiracy to commit a crime charge holds a potential of one year in prison.

That's not to mention her violation of California's statewide mask mandate and health codes, which say an individual must wear a mask in all public settings where a high risk of exposure is present. Those could carry numerous fines. 

Kimiai's bond is set at $75,000, according to ABC7. It's not entirely clear what the robbery charge applies to, but the district attorney's office wouldn't comment further.

Kimiai has since posted bond.

[Image modified from Uber driver video]