Chase down a chicken in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

I love the absurdism of Fortnite, and the gameplay.

This new season brings some absolutely unintelligible bullshit about the backstory and a lot of weapons system changes.

There are new weapon upgrade trees that fork like crazy and make very little sense, after 2 hours or so of game play. Bows are now upgrade-able into very awesome weapons akin to the mythic Bows of yester-season.

Other weapons seem OK

Upgrades now take not just gold, but sometimes 'parts' or 'bones' — parts are 'mechanical' and bones are 'primal.' You have to harvest these parts from animals running around the map. Some of them attack you.

My friend Gail says she tamed a wolf, but I think she is just trying to get me to stand there and let a pack of them eat me.

All of this adds unwanted bullshit and some distraction to a game of sending 99 other players back to the lobby crying. It is possible to win this game with a basic grey pistol, but I am pretty we'll all be chasing chickens around like Rocky.

Parts is parts! Jonesy is lame.