EU court bans French hunters from gluing birds to trees

Chasse à la glu is an old French hunting method in which the hunters coat branches in sticky lime to trap live birds. Above, a 16th engraving titled
Chasse de la grive à la glu ("glue thrush hunting"). Even if the "unwanted" birds are cleaned and released, the lime unsurprisingly causes lasting damage to their feathers. Tradition be damned, the European Court of Justice has finally banned the nasty practice. From the BBC:

French hunters argued that it only harmed particular species such as thrushes and songbirds.

France's League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) then challenged the practice known as "chasse à la glu" at the European Court in Luxembourg, arguing that it harmed not just songbirds but other birds too.

In its decision on Wednesday, the Court said no EU country could allow a method of hunting birds that led to unintentional capture of birds (by-catch) "where that by-catch is likely to cause harm other than negligible harm to the species concerned".