Texas diner will add $50 to bill of any patron who needs to be told to wear a mask

There's a new sign in the window of Legends Diner in Denton, Texas. It reads: "Our new surcharge. $50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory" and "$75 if I have to hear why you disagree…"

From Dallas News:

Legends Diner joins hundreds if not thousands of restaurant owners in Dallas-Fort Worth who are continuing to wear masks and asking their customers to do the same. Our team of reporters found that customers and restaurant workers were mostly masked the day the mandate lifted in Texas.RESTAURANT NEWS

The LaCombes got the idea to hang the "surcharge" sign after seeing a shop in Oregon post its own sign. People have been "lining up to take pictures of it," Wayne said.

So far, no one has been charged $50 or $75 for not complying with the Denton restaurant's mask rules. But he's ready to use it if he needs to.