The SuperCap 2 is the vehicle jump starter that absolutely never fails

Keeping a jump starter in your car or truck always feels like a brilliantly resourceful way to ensure you're never stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

In many cases, it actually is brilliantly resourceful. However, it doesn't quite feel so brilliant when you pull the starter out of the deep recesses of your trunk only to find it is fully and truly dead. Many lithium-ion jump starters require regular pre-charging to stay ready, so if you've gone too long in between charging sessions, that protection you think you have is basically non-existent.

The SuperCap 2 Lite Jump Starter from Autowit doesn't suffer from that problem, assuring drivers always have a safe, convenient way to help a weak battery bounce back without worrying about pre-charging and other hassles.

Lightweight and ever-ready, this ultra-compact, supercapacitor-based jump starter is the real deal. Rather than needing a built-in battery and all the safety precautions they require, the maintenance-free, ultra-safe SuperCap 2 supercapacitor draws on the remains of your weak battery to fire up the necessary voltage to spark that battery back to life.

With a maximum peak current of 700 amps, it offers more than enough pop to get 5-liter gas and 3-liter diesel engines up and humming. That's also sufficient to power up anything running on a 12-volt battery, which includes most motorcycles, tractors, motorboats, scooters, and more.

At just 10 inches long, it's small enough to stash in a truck or even a glove box, with a rugged, durable outer shell to keep it safe. In fact, the SuperCap 2 is ready to use in even the most extreme weather conditions, rated to handle its duties in cold as low as -40 °F to blistering heat up to 158 °F.

Speaking of built to last, there's also a good chance the SuperCap 2 will outlive your current vehicle. Its lifespan is rated up to 20 years, capable of distributing power more than 100,000 times.

The Autowit SuperCap 2 Lite Jump Starter retails for $129, but with the current deal, you can save almost $20 off that price and get on-the-road security anywhere you go for just $109.99.

Prices subject to change.