Wisconsin State Senate: Rush Limbaugh good, Black History Month bad

The Wisconsin State Senate made its priorities clear yesterday when it passed a resolution to honor racist Rush Limbaugh and failed to pass one recognizing Black History Month.

Robin Vos,  Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, called Limbaugh "a pioneer in talk radio, a best-selling author and a commentator who inspired generations to become active in politics."

To get an idea of what kind of person Vos is, in July 2019 he refused to "allow Democratic lawmaker Jimmy Anderson, who is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair, to phone in to committee meetings." (Wikipedia)

From U.S. News and World Report:

That house also has refused to take up a resolution recognizing Black History Month. Assembly Republicans refused to take up a resolution honoring Black History Month last year as well.

Speaker Robin Vos told reporters Tuesday some GOP lawmakers objected to some of the people honored in the resolution. It's usually easier to bring forward resolutions honoring one person, like Limbaugh, he said.

Vos asked Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to lower U.S. and Wisconsin flags in the state to half-staff to honor Limbaugh. Evers ignored the request.