A surfer finds his lost board 4 years later, 1,700 miles away

In 2017, surfer Danny Griffiths lost his "favorite big wave board" while surfing a huge wave in Tasmania. "There were about five of us surfing, and on my very last wave, I had to jump off at the end as it was one of the bigger waves of the day," he told abc.net.au.

He and his buddies spent 2–3 hours looking for the board, but it had disappeared – only to reappear four years later, covered in barnacles, 1,700 miles away.

From ABC:

The board drifted for an estimated 16 months before being picked up by a pair of fishermen at Magnetic Island, near Townsville in northern Queensland. It has been displayed in their home ever since.

The fishermen attempted to find the owner by social media, but had no luck.

The dots were only connected when their parents recently visited Tasmania, and, by chance, mentioned to some locals that their sons had found a surfboard.

"A couple of local surfers clued on that it could have been mine and we joined the pieces of the puzzle together," Mr. Griffiths said.