Star Wars' Jaxxon the butt-kicking bunny now a black series figure

Fans of Star Wars comics may remember Jaxxon, the hilarious green butt-kicking rabbit. Jaxxon is being released as part of a special run of Hasbro Black Series figures.

Maybe Jaxxon will replace Cara Dune.

Star Wars:

Jaxxon (Star Wars Adventures)

Created by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin for Marvel's 1970s Star Wars comics, the rabbit-like Jaxxon was recently fully adopted into modern continuity thanks to an appearance in a Star Wars Adventures tale by Cavan Scott. A cult favorite for decades, the release of this figure is sure to send fans hopping (pun definitely intended) down the toy aisles. "Jaxxon is a legacy character from the very beginning of Star Wars publishing — his first appearance was in the original Marvel comics series, issue #8 in 1978," says Heddle. "A wise-cracking, tough-as-nails, giant green rabbit — what's not to love? For many fans, Jaxxon is the ultimate symbol of that original Marvel run. It was a delight to be able to bring Jaxxon into more recent canon material, but this figure commemorates the character from his very beginnings, as it should. I can't wait to have Jaxxon on my bookshelf."

"Jaxxon is one of the most unique and fun figures we have ever done and the publishing program was the perfect place to introduce this character," adds Franer. "We really wanted to capture his unique silhouette so we tooled up a new head, shoulder pads, and belt to make him look truly unique from any other Black Series figure we have done up until this point. Making a realistic interpretation of the character's portrait was also a fun challenge, especially since he has been seen in so many different styles throughout the years."

Action figure Jaxxon looks a little heavier than the comic form, and a lot scarier.