The correct pronunciation of German camera stuff

The migration from text to video brings with it a problem for English-speaking camera geeks: how do you say Schneider Kreuznach or Voigtländer? And Zeiss rhymes with "piece", right? It's pronounced "Laker", right? Even natives have trouble avoiding Anglicisms, writes Damien Demolder, explaining why Maximillian Heinrich had to make this video:

German Maximillian Heinrich from Analog Insights was pulled up recently by a Mitdeutscher in comments on YouTube for exactly that – pronouncing the names of German photographic manufacturers using the English speaking corruptions instead of the way the names are said by Germans. So he has made an instructional video to help correct his own unpatriotic slip as well as to educate the rest of the world how these names should be pronounced.

This discussion is not over until a Swiss German wades in with some fricative chs and xs that really mean business.