Trump supporters turn against him for promoting vaccine: He's a "New York liberal"

Ninety-two percent of voters in Boise City, Oklahoma voted for Trump in the last election. But now that Trump has joined other godless commie former presidents in a brainwashing campaign to trick people into getting DNA-scrambling 5G microchips injected into their bodies, Trump is suddenly a "New York liberal."

CNN's Gary Tuchman went to a diner in Boise City and not one of the patrons was wearing a mask. And not one of them raised their hand when he asked them if they were planning to get vaccinated. "I don't trust the government and I don't trust Biden," said one fellow. Another man said he would "probably" get Covid by taking the vaccine.

From HuffPost:

"Trump is a liberal New Yorker," one Trump voter declared. "Why would we listen to him either?"

Another diner flat-out said "no" when asked if Trump's endorsement would get him to take the vaccine. 

Other diners rejected both science and government. Tuchman found much the same attitude elsewhere in the community. 

Image: CNN