How to make money fast in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

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If you've ever bought any keys for Rockstar games, you would know how important money is in their games. Take, for instance, GTA Online, where if you know how to make money faster, you have the upper hand over the other players. In Rockstar's online games, piling big bucks is key to making progress in the game. 

Similarly, in RDR 2 the role of earning money is just as vital. Whether you want to upgrade your camp, clear your bounties with the local law enforcement or buy the best guns in the wild, you can't do it without money. 

Although there are dozens of ways you can earn money in the game, but in the early stages it can be rather difficult and time consuming. If you want to get the full experience of the online world and don't feel the need to grind for money, there are some alternatives to get huge amounts of money in short time. One of the fastest and legitimate ways to make money fast in RDR 2 Online is as simple as buying and old RDR 2 account or hire someone to get the job done for you. But if you're not the type to skip all the tedious tasks and get ready-made money, there are so many ways in the game to earn money faster.

Horse Trading

Selling horses is a relatively easy way to make money, because any horse acquire in the game can be sold at the stable. But the price of the horse may vary depending on the type of horse you bring at the stable. Illegally obtained horse, for instance, can get you an offer as low as 3$ or less. So, make sure what you sell is worth paying for.

Animal Sampling and Meat

Animal sampling is one of the best ways to earn quick bucks and the meat is also a good source of money, but if you are not good at hunting, you might damage the skin in the process and end up getting next to nothing in return.

Bounty hunting

You can also look for Wanted Posters at Sherriff's offices in towns and start bounty hunting missions which may bring up to $100 dollars or more if it's your lucky day.

Carriage Trading

Carriages can be sold to the fences, who can be found throughout the west in RDR 2, at fairly reasonable prices since you will probably be stealing them. Fences also allow you to sell trinkets found from Treasure Hunting, which you can find at the dead spots on the treasure hunting maps and with the help of metal detectors.

Image via Flickr/StefanS