NASCAR dogs to sniff out COVID at speedway

NASCAR will try using trained dogs to screen for COVID at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday. Interestingly, the dogs won't be sniffing around drivers or any of the limited number of fans permitted to attend. From UPI:

"We think that these dogs and this capability is going to allow us to rapidly confirm that all of those people entering the essential footprint on Sunday — that's race teams, that's NASCAR officials, that's the vendors that work inside the garage — all those folks are COVID-free or not," said Tom Bryant, NASCAR managing director of racing operations.

Two teams of dogs will screen essential personnel, determining in less than 30 seconds whether an individual has been exposed to COVID-19. If the virus is detected, the dogs will alert their handlers[…]

According to the 360 K9 Group [that trains the dogs], clinical studies have shown that dogs can locate the presence of COVID-19 in humans at an accuracy rate of 98%.

Those individuals will then be isolated and undergo additional screening.

cropped image: Nascarking (CC BY-SA 4.0)