15 deals on over-ear headphones that will leave you immersed in your music

Earbuds will get the job done. But if you really want to sink into and marinate in some good music, there's no substitute for a quality set of over-ear headphones. Cut off from the outside world, you really get to zone out and luxuriate in the beats. Or you could use 'em for all that other much less intoxicating stuff like answering phone calls or trying to keep people from talking to you on the bus.

Right now, check out these deals on 15 different over-ear headphone models, all at savings of up to 69 percent off. Whether you just need a pair for quick gaming or a serious set for some hardcore sound engineering, you've got options.

Under $50

MPOW X4.0 Over-Ear Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $39.99; originally $59

No worries about crummy Bluetooth signals with the X4.0. The signal-enhancing tech actually maxes out the signal strength between your phone and headphones, ensuring all your music and calls are crystal clear and gloriously nuanced. And it'll run for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Coby Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones – $40.99; originally $89

Thanks to the over-ear cup, these Coby headphones serve up solid noise cancellation, minimizing background noise so nothing distracts you from your audio. They're also incredibly comfortable so you can wear them for hours without the usual headphone fatigue you feel from wearing awkward-fitting ear cans.


Audio-Technica Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Refurbished) – $49.99; originally $99

Audio-Technica is best known for its professional series headphone models, but that doesn't mean the company doesn't deliver good listening at virtually all price points.  With combined 40mm drivers and a dual-layer isolation housing structure, these Bluetooth headphones are engineered for a clear, full-range audio experience at a consumer-friendly price.

Audio-Technica Solid Bass Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Refurbished) – $74.99; originally $129

But if your audio tastes run toward a deeper, thicker sound, this Solid Bass model is packing 3mm Deep Motion Drivers for pristine audio and even more powerful bass performance from your wireless music.

Audio-Technica QuietPoint Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones (Refurbished) – $49.99; originally $99

Or you can sample Audio-Technica's QuietPoint series, featuring active noise-canceling technology that reduces distracting background noise by 90 percent without ever failing to deliver superior audio quality. Not to mention the 20 hours of playback time courtesy of the built-in LiPo battery. 

Audio-Technica QuietPoint Headphones (Certified Refurbished) – $69.99; originally $199

Finally, true audiophiles can also step up to the pinnacle of the QuietPoint line, which includes large-aperture 40 mm drivers featuring neodymium magnet systems for impactful bass, extended treble, and higher fidelity. And this lightweight, compact, design also folds flat, making them perfect for any time spent on the road.

Under $100

Treblab Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $78.99; originally $259

Everything that worked with Treblab's original Z2s is powered up in this updated version, including advanced Sound2.0 technology with aptX and T-Quiet active noise-cancellation. And in addition to supporting both Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Siri and Google Voice assistants, they've also got a deep 35-hour battery life so the music can play all night long.

HUM 1000 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – $89.99; originally $99

The HUM 1000 brings enhanced bass and high-fidelity audio along with 97.5 percent ambient noise reduction, in part thanks to the Soft-Tech cushions that are designed for days of comfortable use. And since it never hurts to have options, it also comes with a handy carrying case as well as charging and aux cables for all your connectivity needs.

TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $89.99; originally $107

An Amazon's Choice model, these headphones are rocking a noise cancellation chip created by the audio wizards at Sony, which can even block the rumble of airplane engines or trains for travelers who want to slip away. Even the built-in mic has CVC 8.0 noise-canceling tech, so the person on the other end of your calls will only hear you and not all the ambient sound.

Drive ANC1000 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – $94.99; originally $129

Made for relentless, heavy-duty listening with up to 30 hours of playtime, the Drive ANC100s from Naztech put the music front and center. Beyond the powerful 40mm custom-tuned drivers, these headphones also include their patented NoiseHush Active Noise Cancelling tech to dull the outside world to nothing more than a low roar.

Top of the line

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones – $159.99; originally $299

Few modern headphone brands are as iconic as Beats, so you can choose from a pair of Beats offers, each at almost half off the regular price. CNET says the Solo Pros "sound smooth and well-balanced with punchy bass that isn't boomy." That's the two listening modes in full effect: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) for a fuller, more immersive sound, or Transparency that lets the outside world creep into your sound just enough to keep you on your toes.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – $159.99; originally $299

Meanwhile, the Solo3s not only present fine-tuned acoustics that maximizes clarity, breadth, and balance, but the built-in Apple W1 chip supplies up to 40 hours of battery life as well as a fast fuel charging feature that gives listeners another 3 hours of playback from a 5-minute charge up. 

Philips Performance Wireless Bluetooth Active Noise-Canceling Headphones – $179.99; originally $199

Light, easily adjustable, and effortlessly smooth, the Philips Astral has it all. Active noise cancellation, two levels of fast charging capabilities, soft ear-cup cushions, and a full 30 hours of playback time. Amazon also honored these with an Amazon's Choice distinction, so you know you won't be the first listener pleased with Philips' product.

Human Headphones: Hybrid True Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – $229 after code LISTEN40; originally $269

They're over-ear headphones that almost don't even look like over-ear headphones. With an innovative design that's only the third of the size and weight of more traditional models, the Human headphones can also sync together to become a portable Bluetooth speaker. And did we mention it can do language translations too?

Shure Aonic 50 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $399; originally $499

Shure is a renowned audio brand for both stage and studio performance — and the Aonic 50s deliver that same level of premium listening splendor.  GforGadget.com says  "the audio quality is phenomenal, so is the noise cancelling part." And it's got up to 20 hours of battery life for uninterrupted audio wherever you go.

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