These quick-dry paint pens explode with color to create indelible art

Sometimes, art is transitory and of-the-moment. It comes, it goes, and everyone moves on. Other times, an artist wants to make sure to leave their mark forever. That's where paint pens come in. While a paint pen can certainly add a wash of color to any standard sheet of paper, that oil-based permanent ink is actually made for sterner stuff.

For projects destined to stand the test of time, a pack of Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens can achieve a premium, vibrant look regardless of your medium.

Paint pens deliver the precision and control of a pen while applying the raised texture and undiluted color of a paint or permanent marker. Each of these Paint Mark colors can be used on virtually any surface, from traditional paper and canvas to… well, almost anything else from wood and plastic to ceramic, rocks, glass, and more.

Not only do these colors dry quickly, but they also dry to stay, offering full weather resistance while remaining immune to fading and smearing. That's enough to help make sure your art survives everywhere, whether you're marking on fabric, earthen objects, acrylic, or elsewhere. Paint pens like these are the weapons of choice for serious artists working in both basic arts and crafts as well as industrial projects.

The collection features 15 different colors, allowing for a full range of artistic expression. If you want to turn a rock into a masterpiece, it won't happen with water-based markers or even ink pens like Sharpies. Only paint pens like this Paint Mark set can supply the burst of color and longevity any artist hopes to achieve for their best work.

More than 2,800 happy Amazon purchasers have rated this pen set a healthy 4.3 out of 5 stars. Usually retailing for $22, shoppers can now pick up the complete 15-pen Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens set for more than 10 percent off, just $19.99.

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