Amazon customers love the EarFun Free Pro earbuds and they are now on sale for over 35% off

Earbuds are a surprisingly difficult purchase. If you go for a pair made by a name brand, are you actually paying for the heightened quality of a proven manufacturer, or are you just paying a few dollars more than going with a cheaper brand? But if you go with an earbud maker you don't really know, can you expect your purchase to start sputtering and fading out as soon as you get them home?

Lots of questions. Fortunately, you can still rely on the old standbys for help: proven tech reviews and the unvarnished truth of Amazon customers.

The tech gods at CNET made the EarFun Free Pro Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds a "Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2021" selection, stating "they sound very good for the money." Meanwhile, Amazon reviewers were effusive with their praise as well, giving these earbuds an impressive 4.7 out of 5-star rating from over 800 reviews.

The consensus is so strong because the EarFun Free Pros land smack in the intersection of great performance for a great value.

EarFun calls them the world's smallest earbuds with active noise cancellation, featuring outward-facing mics that detect exterior sound. They combat it with drivers that produce anti-noise signals of their own, which effectively silence any outside sound up to 28dB. 

That mic system powers your calls to greater heights as well, making your voice sound up to three times clearer.

Of course, none of that matters if the EarFun can't back it all up with really stellar sound. Thankfully, they deliver, stacked with dual composite drivers throwing out propulsive, balanced audio with high resolution, deep satisfying bass, and sublime mids and highs. That output is further strengthened by the Pros' Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, creating a more stable link from earbuds to phone with almost no audio dropout.

These earbuds also come with their own carrying case that also doubles as a charge, offering up to 32 hours of listening before you need to plug everything in for more juice.

Regularly priced at $79, you can now get an extra $10 off the already discounted price for the EarFun Free Pros. Just enter the code EARFUN10 at checkout and that'll take the price down to only $49.99.

Prices subject to change.