Smoked tri-tip is popular because it is hard to mess up

Smoked tri-tip is fast, easy and super flavorful. The short cook time provides a lightly smoked flavor that will even please BBQ haters.

My grocery service listed a prime cut of unseasoned tri-tip for the same price as their Santa Maria-seasoned choice cut. The choice is fine and was a frequent meal when I was doing the #vanlife thing. Tri-tip sports a relatively fast cook time, as far as food smoked at 225F go, and a super tasty dinner results. I figured I could season that tri-tip myself and have a great dinner.

These photos were enough to ensure my parents drove over to pick up half of it for themselves. My father hates smoked food but this he feels is delicious.

I trimmed all the fat cap off the brisket and smoked it at 225F with a Salt, Pepper, and Garlic rub. 2 hours had passed when the wireless thermometer reported the meat was at 137F. I tested with a hand-held instant-read unit, and then took the roast off the smoker to sear. Two minutes of high heat per side in my favorite cast iron pan, and then a 15-20 minute rest. Typical tri-tip will take 30 minutes a pound.