This bidet seat delivers a positive impact for the environment — and your hygiene

In their native country of France, bidets are used by about half of the nation's populace. They're found in more than three-quarters of Japanese homes and businesses. And after becoming part of a federal mandate in 1975, their usage is over 97 percent in Italy.

Bidets are everywhere, but America has had a long, tortured history of adopting this improvement over the wipe. They're cleaner, improve genital health, and are actually a huge improvement for the environment over all that toilet paper usage.

With all that in mind, this is a good time to dip your toe ever-so-gently into the bidet waters (not literally, of course) with a Slim Zero Bidet Seat from Bio Bidet. In case you need a little encouragement, look no further than Amazon reviewers, who have raved about the Slim Zero with more than 19,000 reviews giving it a 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

For those already worried about what it takes to physically install a fully-functioning bidet in their home, the Slim Zero can put their minds at ease. It comes with all the standard plumbing size accessories included, so installation is finished in just a few minutes. 

Unlike most bidet models, the Slim Zero is just that — slim. Only 4 inches tall in the back, it looks like a standard toilet seat. It's also stronger than most models too, capable of supporting someone actually sitting on the lid.

Of course, nobody buys a bidet for its looks. They buy it for its cleaning power, and the Slim Zero doesn't disappoint there either, offering a dual nozzle system for optimal cleansing. The universal posterior wash serves up a robust spay that can be used universally, while the alternate feminine wash can be used for those seeking a softer cleanse.

Hygienic and kid-friendly, the water pressure is fully adjustable from the chrome-plated side control lever. Meanwhile, the water from the Slim Zero is always room temperature, which means users avoid those freezing cold surprises when they least expect them.

The Slim Zero also comes with one last surprise: a soothing, two-stage, battery-powered nightlight that casts a welcoming glow in your bowl for those late night trips to the bathroom.

Regularly $129, the Slim Zero Bidet Seat is now $30 off, on sale for just $99.99 as part of this current offer.

Prices subject to change.