A 1970s tutorial on repairing vinyl wood decals for your car

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Hi, everyone, welcome back to the show. This week we look back at the finest era in car design: The WOOD AND FAKE WOOD PERIOD. This is when most family cars had wood paneling – or, if you were sporting, fake wood paneling.

The transition from 1960s real world materials into the 1970s dealt with numerous synthetics, and the automobile industry felt this very directly. You'll see the interiors and outer shell of cars begin to lose many metal, wooden, and leather comforts, with a big boom in SYNTHETICS in the 1970s, with plastic everywhere. And that meant big business for VINYL DECALS. Of course, vinyl wood grain decals are far less robust than wood paneling itself – So this week, we share filmstrip audio on VINYL DECAL repair from the 1970s.

A lot of life mantras can be taken from this tutorial. Namely: Use a squeegee to iron out all those bubbles and blisters – Use a heat gun for stubborn blisters – And if life gives you bubbles, use a pin to pop them!

Additionally, the show opens this week with a police scanner report of a TOOL FIGHT at our local Home Depot in Austin TX. Reportedly customers versus employees. Stay safe out there, customers and employees! – Especially in the drill, nail gun, and hammer section.

Audio for the 1970s vinyl repair has been reconfigured into this week's Side A: "Caring for Your Domesticated Human in a Post-Covid Petting Zoo" and you'll find part 32 of Charlie Pickle continued here with "The Sunday Morning Cartoons".


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Thanks and have a good week, Ethan