Senator Rounds: Another Republican with an absurd argument against D.C. statehood

The nonsense Republicans are spewing out as arguments against Washington D.C. statehood is priceless. Yesterday morning Rep. Jody Hice (R–GA) made the bizarre argument that D.C. could not become a state because it doesn't have a car dealership. Then later in the day Senator Mike Rounds (R–S.D.) tried to make the argument that "the founding fathers never intended for Washington D.C. to be a state." This, coming from a senator who represents South Dakota, a non-existent state during the days of the founding fathers that was later created to give republicans more votes.

From HuffPost:

Many were quick to remind Rounds that the Founders didn't particularly envision statehood for any form of Dakota at all, much less a "South Dakota." And in the years prior to its eventual admission as two states, there was just one Dakota: the Dakota Territory. One reason it was split just before admission was to give Republicans two more Senate seats ― including the one Rounds now occupies.  

Many on Twitter tried to educate the obtuse senator:

Image by Golbez – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0