The MC Hammer handheld electronic game was very strange (and bad)

On the heels of MC Hammer's wildly successful "U Can't Touch This," Tiger Electronics released a handheld videogame where you get to challenge Hammer in a dance-off. Above is a recording of the strange gameplay. Perhaps harem pants were too difficult to animate for the LCD screen. You can play it yourself through the Internet Archive's Handheld History emulator! From the instruction manual:

Rap music has never been the same since M.C. Hammer blazed onto the scene with the kind of moves no one has ever seen before! But now there's a chance for a new star to be born. Will it be you? But to be the ultimate rap star, you have to pay your dues! Can you learn from practice? Can you challenge Hammer and keep up? Can you use your own creativity to create new moves? Lace up your shoes, listen to the beat, and get ready to move your feet!