This $40 app splits songs into instrumentals and vocal tracks like music magic

In one form or another, music has been a part of the human experience almost from the start. Centuries of singing, playing instruments, and engaging with music have remained remarkably similar from the days of the first musical instruments 40,000 years ago right up to today. 

Yet, for all the universality of music over that time, it's equally amazing to think how much technology has turned music on its head in just the last few decades. Thirty years ago, it took a giant studio full of production magic to inexplicably turn Milli Vanilli into stars. Now, home tech makes music production so easy that a talented 14-year-old can record music entirely from her bedroom (with equipment that costs less than $3,000) and become an international superstar.

Thirty years ago, the magic of the EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover would have been inconceivable outside of a brilliantly staffed studio. Today, it's literally an app in your phone capable of opening up never-before-dreamed opportunities for musicians and singers everywhere.

EasySplitter uses artificial intelligence to break any music down to its component parts so anyone can rebuild a song any way they want.

With an EasySplitter membership, users log in, upload a song, and hit the button. EasySplitter goes in and magically untangles the song, creating independent vocal and instrumental tracks for use. It can even get more granular, splitting songs into separate vocal, instrumental, drums, and bass tracks, all in a matter of seconds with no loss of sound quality.

DJs can create instrumental tracks and mix music fluidly. Singers can raise their game by studying isolated vocals, then recording new versions all their own. And karaoke stars… Well, this is the kind of app they've been dreaming of for years.

EasySplitter works on both Android and iOS. For everyone from artists, sound engineers, and producers to compositors, mixers, and more, it's an absolute game-changer.

A lifetime subscription to EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover entitles you to split nearly 1,000 songs per year, a $599 value that's now on sale at over 90 percent off, just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.