This stovetop maker and milk frother can make brilliant espresso for under $40

Espresso fans are not your average everyday coffee drinkers. Baseline java fans, even some of the more religious coffee aficionados, can be fine with many varieties of the bean, even down to an occasional cup of gas station or break room coffee when the need arises.

But the richer, more concentrated flavor of a true cup of freshly-brewed espresso is a different animal. Even casual espresso drinkers know the process of making an espresso requires some added care and attention. And while many home machines can be pricey (to say the least), it really doesn't require an expensive setup to yield a great espresso that true drinkers demand. 

Case in point: this Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker and EZ-Latte Milk Frother from Grosche, available in this handy Milano Espresso Bundle.

Espresso is created by pushing water through the coffee beans at increased pressure, producing a stronger brew than average filtered coffee. The Milano Stovetop works on the same principle, with the Moka pot building up pressure naturally over a gas or electric stovetop, or even a propane camping stove.

Made from highly-polished, food-grade aluminum, this pot features a larger soft touch handle with a burn guard against hot surfaces and burnt fingers. Also, the Italian Safety Valve keeps your pressure regulated automatically to avoid high-pressure buildup. Just fill the lower half with water, fill the filter funnel with fresh fine ground espresso coffee, then put the Milano on the stove under a low flame. That's how to produce a 12-cup pot with a thick, brawny taste and a heavy jolt of caffeine worthy of the espresso name.

Of course, not everybody needs the hard stuff every time. That's why the package also includes a Grosche E-Z Latte Turbo Milk Frother. The frother uses a high-efficiency, battery-operated motor to quickly froth milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and yes, espressos, without the need for one of those expensive steamer machines. 

The stovetop maker and milk frother in the Milano Espresso Bundle are a $60 value, but as part of this deal, both are on sale now at a third off, just $39.95.

Prices subject to change.