Dolphins spotted in Venice canal, for real this time

Last year, viral video purported to show dolphins swimming in Venice's canals, seemingly attracted to the waters that had calmed with the decrease in boat traffic. Thing is, it wasn't true. But now it is true! The videos above and below were taken near last week in Venice's Giudecca Canal near St. Mark's Square. From The Verge:

Authorities attempted to escort the dolphins back out to sea, and away from maritime traffic in the canals, using "acoustic devices," according to [veterinary pathologist and University of Padova professor Sandro] Mazzariol. He worked with police and the coast guard, who assembled a small fleet of seven boats to encourage the dolphins to swim out to the open waters of the Adriatic Sea. They're not entirely sure where the dolphins are now or if they're still somewhere in the Venetian lagoon, Mazzariol said.