Oops! Student busted for playing Call of Duty during Zoom class while unmuted

A student decides to play Call of Duty during his Zoom class lesson, which isn't the worst crime in the world, but his big mistake is forgetting to mute himself. Which wouldn't necessarily give him away, if only he weren't such a vocal player.

"Come on, Patch. Get that thirty!" the student says, which gets the classroom's attention.

"Who was that?" the teacher asks.

"Come on, get that thirty. Get that thirty, bro!"

Okay, the jig is up. The teacher figures out who it is, but doesn't know how to get the kid – who isn't responding to the teacher – to mute himself.

"He doesn't even hear me. How rude."

In the olden days before the lockdown, all you'd have to do is grab the student by the ear and march them down to the principal's office. But this poor teacher is flummoxed – he's not even sure how the technology works and asks his students for help. The comedy – and pitfalls – of Zoom learning.