Big military drone washed up on Florida beach

Visitors to a Boynton Beach, Florida shore found this 20-foot drone washed up on the sand. That must have been a fun NextDoor thread. Turned out it had been used for target practice by the US Air Force. From CNN:

Air Force officials were called to Boynton Beach and the drone was removed within a few hours. [Lt. Savannah Bray, spokeswoman for the US Air Force's 53rd Wing,] estimated that the BQM-167A found was likely shot down during a training exercise that occurred two to three sessions ago.

The Air Force's 53rd Wing conducts training exercises year round, with one held roughly every month.The Air Force recovers the drones, either by boat rescues or through a parachute recovery system, as the drones can be repaired, tested and reused, according to the Air Force.

"Every now and then something happens, waves or weather, that our boats are unable to navigate towards (the drones)," Bray said.