Liberal-hating pilot caught on hot mic over Bay Area, and it ain't pretty

There's an angry pilot on the loose, and he hates San Francisco. He hates their Hyundais. He hates "goddamn liberal fucks." And his rant was caught on a hot mic.

On March 13, recorded from the air traffic control scanner over the San Jose International Airport, an unidentified pilot goes on a curse-laced tirade.

Some of the highlights include, "Fuck this place, goddamn liberal fucks." And "Fucking weirdos, probably driving around in fucking Hyundais, fucking roads and shit that go slow as fuck."

We can't hear the person he is talking to, so there is silence in between his outbursts. But after a few moments, he has more to say on the matter. "You don't have balls unless you're fucking rolling coal, man. Goddamn it!"

Click here to hear the recording (20:52).

From SFGate:

Live ATC confirmed the authenticity of the recording, but not which pilot or airline might have been involved. "We can neither confirm nor verify who made those comments," a company representative wrote in an email.

Commenting on the incident, airport spokesperson Demetria Machado wrote, "This communication is very unprofessional, and I have forwarded the communication to the [Federal Aviation Administration]." The FAA operates the control towers.

In a statement, FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor wrote, "FAA regulations prohibit airline pilots from talking about subjects that are unrelated to safely conducting their flight while taxiing and while flying below 10,000 feet altitude."

"The FAA is investigating communications that an airline pilot made while taxiing at Mineta San Jose International Airport last week," read the statement. "The FAA also reported the incident to the airline."

Image by Madrazz / Flickr