Blast into outer space with this low budget music video

"Vocations" is the title track off the newest album from Brooklyn-based cello indie rock band Early Riser. As tricky as it's been for any DIY band to coordinate recording an album during this pandemic, it's even harder to arrange a music video shoot. But the band had an idea, as singer/guitarist Kiri Oliver explained to Brooklyn Vegan:

'Vocations' is about deciding what's important to you and what you want to spend your time and energy on,. Although it was written before the pandemic, it took on new meaning for us over the past year. For the video, Jess Lane had the brilliant idea to have us play bored astronauts who find our callings, which captured both the spirit of the song and the experience of quarantine.

The band shot the whole thing on iPhones from their own apartments in New York, with Lane directing them over Zoom from LA. All the astronaut costumes and miscellaneous spaceship accoutrements were basically just what they each had available to them at home, giving the video a playful quality that harkens back to childhood imagination.

The full album is out today, which you can check out below. Also, who doesn't love cello rock?