Chilling video: Georgia Rep handcuffed for knocking on Gov. Kemp's door while he signs voter restriction bill

The stunning videos below show police handcuffing Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon for knocking on Governor Brian Kemp's door yesterday as he was signing into law a bill that restricts voting access. "Are you serious?" A woman asks off camera. No, no, she's not under arrest… Our governor is signing a bill that affects all Georgians and you're going to arrest an elected representative? … Why are you arresting her?"

According to Axios:

The bill Kemp signed is one of dozens of voting-rights rollbacks making their way through state GOP legislatures, an effort that President Biden on Thursday labeled "sick" and "un-American."

The Georgia law imposes new ID requirements, limits the use of ballot drop boxes, and changes early voting hours, among other things. Kemp said at the signing that it will ensure Georgia's elections are "secure, accessible and fair."

Of course what Kemp really means is that his new law will make it harder for Georgians to vote, and fewer voters gives republicans their only true chance of winning.

From The Guardian (January 30):

Many of their [Republicans] policies aren't actually that popular, and the more eligible voters turn out for elections, the less Republicans win. Their clearest path to staying in power is limiting the number of people who are able to cast a ballot – and particularly limiting the number of Democrats: people of color (and Black people in particular), people in cities and college students.

Cannon was released in the day on bond.