This portable laptop charger keeps your most power-hungry devices alive for hours

There are power needs, and then there are real power needs.

Everyone needs some emergency power when their smartphone or tablet starts getting low. For a quick burst of power, there is any number of cute, breezy little chargers that can plug right in and start getting your battery indicator back into the green.

But sometimes, a cute little charger just doesn't cut it. If you need to power a laptop, a small appliance, or something that requires a heavier, sustained energy feed, buyers need to consider a more formidable option. The CORE Power 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger is one of those energy heavyweights that a serious power user should consider.

First, the CORE's generous 27,000mAh battery offers more than enough juice to give a laptop a complete zero to full recharge with power to spare. It's also equipped with its own rapid input technology, which can get the entire battery replenished after being plugged in for just 4 hours.

The CORE has the connectivity to perform big charging jobs, highlighted by a standard 3-prong AC outlet that can directly power your laptop or other devices. Users can also serve their smaller devices thanks to a pair of USB ports and a third USB-C port.

Meanwhile, the Quick Charge 3.0 output hustles those recharges right along for optimized speed — the unit's built-in IntelliQ Smart Chip technology works to detect the specific power needs of each device and delivers the proper output. The battery also houses its own on-board safety features to make sure a device never sustains damage from overcharging.

Regularly $199.99, you can save $30 off the CORE Power AC/USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger right now by entering coupon code MOBILE15 at checkout, dropping the final price to just $169.99. 

Prices subject to change.