This training can help you pursue a career in backend development for just $20

In football terms, being a frontend web developer is kind of like being a flashy wideout or running back. Your forward-facing work is extremely visible, likely to spend considerable time in the spotlight, and often serves as a catalyst for conversation. By contrast, backend developers are like linemen, handling all the gruntwork server-side communication and execution that makes everything else work.

However, unlike football, that ability to handle seemingly mundane, yet hugely essential tasks well make backend developer linemen the true stars of web and app building — and they're rewarded handsomely for it. While front-end developers make an average salary of almost $77,000 a year, according to Glassdoor, the more technically complex work of a backend coder pulls in an average annual play of around $101,000.

The training in The Complete 2021 Superstar Backend Developer Bundle offers up the playbook for becoming a top-flight backend developer, with instruction in key disciplines and popular tools for mastering how server-side web and app programming happens now.

The package of 13 courses — with over 35 hours of in-depth instruction — covers it all, especially the nitty-gritty of programming languages and internal communication that makes new app-building possible. In these courses, you'll discover everything from building blocks like HTML and CSS to more advanced learning like PHP, Java, and JavaScript.

While all those foundational pieces offer a wealth of coding possibilities to the educated programmer, they're just the opening for today's well-rounded creators. Courses like Introduction to Ruby Programming, Ruby on Rails for Web Development, Python Programming For Everyone and Master the Fundamentals of Python get into newer, more dynamic avenues.

Knowing how to write clean proper Python code while learning how to grapple with errors or spot trouble before it happens during development can immediately make any backend developer one of the most important assets to their employer.

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