Watch this doggo pilfer his neighbor's porch when he finds the treasure of all treasures

This North Carolina pooch can't believe his good fortune when he finds four just-delivered pizzas stacked in front of his next-door neighbor's front door. He seems to be on the look-out at first, and once he realizes the coast is clear, he proceeds to pinch not one, not two, but three boxes of pizza. He generously leaves one behind for the owners of the house.

From YouTube:

"I couldn't go to the door when it arrived," says Kenisha who ordered the pizza. "When I finished my call, I walked to the front door to check for the pizza and there was only one box there. We were expecting four. This was definitely a first, so I decided to investigate." She checked the video recordings … and saw what happened. "Jethro lives next door, and it was him. That's how I knew who it was. I was really dying laughing. I just couldn't believe it," she adds.