Check out 15 IT, security, and engineering training packages on sale for an extra 50% off

According to The New York Times, Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that there are currently 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs that are unfilled around the world. Meanwhile, the average annual salary for an upper-level IT, security, or engineering position is floating in the $250,000 range.

Companies are desperate for knowledgable, trained tech professionals — and if you're good, many will pay you top dollar for your efforts. If you need help getting there, here are 15 premium tech training education packages, all available for 50 percent off the sales price when you enter code LEARNIT at checkout. 

The Ultimate 2021 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle – $19.95 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,345

Across 10 courses with nearly 100 hours of training, top instructors guide students to a career as a white hat hacker, defending vulnerable systems from cyber attacks. Courses include closer looks at Python, penetration testing, CompTIA certification, and the motherlode: a four-part complete Cyber Security course package that covers everything.

The Complete 2021 Big Data and Machine Learning Bundle – $19.95 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,295

There may be no tech discipline in higher demand than data analytics and machine learning, so this 10-course, nearly 70-hour package goes deep. With training starting at the ground floor for first-timers, students get a handle on what big data is, some of the most useful analytics tools like Tensorflow, Keras, Apache, and more, as well as everything they need to start teaching computers to start thinking and reacting on their own.

The Advanced Cyber Security Career Advancement Bundle – $25 after code LEARNIT; originally $4,500

For those looking to get working in the cybersecurity field, this six-pack of training serves it up. Students get up close and personal on IT technology, hackers, malware, and other digital threats looming over all system admins today. Plus, users can earn six industry-standard cybersecurity certifications to help get their job hunt progressing immediately.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner All-in-One Bundle – $12.49 after code LEARNIT; originally $300

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the king of cloud services these days, so this 25-hour training package can help you understand all you need to know for creating, managing, and growing a cloud-based network using the platform and tools of the industry leader. Starting with the basics, this course is designed to allow students to progress at their own pace to make sure all the important learning sets in.

The 2021 Microsoft Azure and Security Certification Training Bundle – $25 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,475

If you're going to learn AWS, you'd better get up to speed on their no. 1 competitor as well. This 5-pack of Microsoft-approved training goes deep into the heart of Microsoft Azure and all its abilities, helping students prepare to take and ace some of the most critical Azure certification exams around.

The 2021 Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle – $14.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,800

Cloud migration continues pushing organizations to new frontiers — and those who can lead the way are in heavy demand. Across nine courses, you'll learn all there is to know about how to build, manage, protect and grow a company's entire digital operations from a decentralized home in the cloud. Plus, there's a three-course mini-collection dedicated to machine learning as well. 

The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle – $14.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $2,000

Math essentials are at the absolute core of data analysis and computer science, so this 10-course, 96-hour collection can get you feeling secure on all the numbers behind the tech. Precalculus, calculus, number theory, and beyond can serve as the platform for programming-centric discrete math as well as the figures behind artificial intelligence.

The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle – $21.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $3,284

Super-sized is right. 18 courses worth, to be exact. With more than 1,600 lessons, top instructors introduce students to all matters of ethical hacking, covering the training to go from the ground floor of security testing and ethical hacking to developing the skills to both infiltrate and ultimately protect computer systems anywhere.

The 2021 Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle – $34.50 after code LEARNIT; originally $4,400

With few certifications in all of IT as valuable as CompTIA certification, this expert-led bundle of 16 courses covers over 460 hours of material that can help anyone get certified with networking, security, cloud operations, and more. This is where the truly dedicated plant their flag and make themselves a highly sought-after commodity on the IT job market.

The PIC Microcontroller Engineering Projects Course Bundle – $25 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,287

From cloud engineering and giant realms of tech science, this training gets right down to workbench level. This collection features 13 courses of practical experience using PIC microcontrollers, a central DIY electronic building block, to actually build usable, working robotics.

The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle – $29.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,287

Fundamentals of Rectifiers in Power Electronics - Product Image

Electrical engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in America. If you want to know about electrical systems, circuits, machinery, power generation, and more, this 13-course mega-bundle of training offers all the insight needed to propel yourself into that new career.

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle – $25 after code LEARNIT; originally $2,391

Connect & Interface Raspberry Pi with Arduino - Product Image

Over 15 courses, this giant learning bundle can help even complete novice builders get comfortable with electronics and basic computing to service incredibly cool builds. For those looking to get more familiar with the Raspberry Pi, Python coding, ROS2 and more, you'd be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive training package.

The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle – $19.99 after code LEARNIT; originally $995

Cisco Certified Network Associate: Multiple Practice Labs & Border Gateway Pro - Product Image

It's never been more vital for a company to have a knowledgeable, experienced network admin overseeing all their tech. And this five-course collection digs into all the most important aspects of how Cisco hardware and software protocols work together to get a network function fast, safe, and secure. Students will even end up prepared to pass some of Cisco's most critical certification exams.

The All-In-One AWS, Cisco and CompTIA Super Certification Bundle 2021: Lifetime Access – $49 after code LEARNIT; originally $4,378

Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline - Product Image

Why study one when you can study all? With 22 courses and more than 240 hours of training, this massive collection can make you the well-rounded multipurpose threat companies need. You'll be ready to run a network on the AWS platform, use Cisco components to have everyone working together, and be armed with several CompTIA certifications to prove your mastery.

The Complete 2020 IT Certification Exam Prep Mega Bundle – $19 after code LEARNIT; originally $1,800

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate Certification 2020 - Product Image

Or you can take a swing at this cross-disciplinary training. Here, these nine courses cover it all as well, from AWS and Azure to Cisco networking fundamentals. And the CompTIA Security+ training will have you ready to secure and defend it all.

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