Listen to George Harrison's stunning isolated vocals from "Something"

I vacillate between John and George being my favorite Beatle. At this moment, after listening to George's isolated vocals on "Something" from 1969, the scale tips toward Mr. Harrison. This was George's first composition selected as a Beatles A-side. Frank Sinatra famously described "Something" as "the greatest love song of the past 50 years." While it's commonly thought that Harrison wrote "Something" for his then-wife Pattie Boyd, he later suggested it was actually a love song about the Hindu god Krishna.

From Open Culture:

According to Joe Taysom at Far Out magazine, Harrison "became obsessive in his studies of Krishna Consciousness when he wrote the song, and more specifically, its original intent was as a devotion to Lord Krishna." Harrison "insisted that the original lyric was 'something in the way HE moves,' but he changed it."

From Wikipedia:

Having begun to write love songs that were directed at both God and a woman, with his White Album track "Long, Long, Long", Harrison later cited alternative sources for his inspiration for "Something". In early 1969, according to author Joshua Greene, Harrison told his friends from the Hare Krishna Movement that the song was about the Hindu deity Krishna; in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1976, he said of his approach to writing love songs: "all love is part of a universal love. When you love a woman, it's the God in her that you see."