Melted gummy bears dramatically fail to spice up sex life

This is one of those BAD idea stories that gets much worse by the end. A young couple decided that licking melted gummy bears off of one another might be a good idea. Things go so wrong in so few sentences below.

LAD Bible:

Josi explained: "It was hot – in my head I'm comparing it to things like candle wax and I'm like, 'It's going to instantly start cooling down.'

"My chest was on fire."

Then things took a turn for the worse.

Michael, in an attempt to ease his lover's pain, started trying to lick the sugar off her.

Bad idea.

He burned his mouth, and Josi's skin started to peel off.

They rushed off to the emergency room where it was determined that Josi had suffered from third degree burns.

Can people really be this clueless? Should I even doubt it?