Toxic QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says vaccination passports are "Biden's Mark of the Beast"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) who was kicked off all congressional committees for espousing wacky and irresponsible lies (e.g. Jewish space lasers, QAnon) has posted a new video to whip up her easily frightened constituents. This time Greene has concocted a campaign against "vaccine passports," calling them "Biden's Mark of the Beast."

From UpRoxx:

Greene's of the far-right opinion that vaccine passports shouldn't exist for a few reasons. They're steamed about certain states' voter ID laws and are creating a false equivalency between those laws and a supposed double-standard with the mere idea of vaccine passports. Even more than that, Greene appears to be convinced that such a "passport" is actually "Biden's Mark of the Beast." As wacky as it sounds, Greene's sticking with this argument. "They are actually talking about people's ability to buy and sell linked to the vaccine passport," she tweeted. "They might as well call it Biden's Mark of the Beast." She's followed this up with several more tweets, including her insistence that "We WILL NOT COMPLY with Biden's vaccine 'passports'!"