Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz investigated over relationship with 17 year old girl

Matt Gaetz, a loyal pro-Trump Republican representing Florida's 1st congressional district since 2017, is under investigation by the Department of Justice over his relationship with a 17 year old girl who it suspects he "trafficked" over state lines. The investigation began during the Trump administration and continues now, reports The New York Times.

Investigators are examining whether Mr. Gaetz violated federal sex trafficking laws, the people said. A variety of federal statutes make it illegal to induce someone under 18 to travel over state lines to engage in sex in exchange for money or something of value. The Justice Department regularly prosecutes such cases, and offenders often receive severe sentences.

Unless I misread the Times' coverage, the girl is the sister of Nestor Galban, a young man with whom Gaetz lives and considers his son.