Should you laminate your Covid vaccine card?

When you get a Covid vaccination, the person who administered it will give you a card that has information about the manufacturer and date, as well as their signature. It's important not to lose or damage the card, and one reason is that is might be needed to travel to certain destinations. Some people are laminating their cards to protect them, and Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max will laminate your vaccine cards at no cost. But it might not be a great idea to laminate it, according to this article in The Points Guy:

Many travelers TPG spoke to said they'd either laminated their cards or considered doing so. The CDC didn't directly answer a TPG reporter's question about whether people should laminate their COVID-19 vaccine cards, so there's no guidance from the federal government right now. 

It's still unclear, however, whether people will need booster shots in the future, so some travelers are wary of laminating their cards.

"I'm not laminating [my card] in case they need to add a booster dose to it," Michele LaFevre said in TPG's Facebook group. 

Instead, you might want to consider using a clear badge if you're worried about your card getting damaged, as one TPG reader suggested.

"[My card is] in a plastic badge holder, and stored in our safe with our passports and other important documents," said Faith Dowgin. "We also scanned them and took [pictures]."