Pro¹ X, a linux phone with a slide-out keyboard

Your new cyberdeck has arrived, madam. The Pro¹ X is a handsome smartphone that runs a variety of free operating systems and has a slide-out keyboard, perfect for SSHing in, NMAPping corpo headquarters, or raiding ATMs in the early 1990s.

‍LIKE A PRO. The slide out landscape physical keyboard and large 5.99 inch AMOLED display lets you use split-screen multitasking as it should be. Open two apps at the same time without the screen taken up by a virtual keyboard. Staying productive on the go is a breeze and honestly a joy to use.

I hankered after a Jornada 728 for years and tried out the Gemini PDA, a Psion-inspired smartphone similar to this, but had to admit that these keyboards are just a little too small for me to get anything done on.