Watch this irritated octopus lash out at the dude who doesn't belong

Geologist Lance Karlson stepped into the wrong neighborhood in Australia's Geographe Bay when he approached this octopus with his 2-year-old daughter. As he was taking a video, the irritated octopus told him to back off by lashing out in Karlson's direction with its tentacles.

But the warning didn't get through to Karlson, who later went back into the octopus's territory. This time the creature didn't pussy-foot around, and struck Karlson more than once. "He felt another whip across his arm – followed by a more forceful sting across his neck and upper back," according to The Straights Times.

Mr Karlson said he raced back to shore and saw raised imprints of tentacles across his arm, neck and upper back. Since he did not have vinegar, his preferred treatment for sea animal stings, he poured cola over the affected area, which worked well to stop the stinging.

"This was clearly the octopus' domain," he said.