Illuminate your crafting projects with this mobile light box, on sale for $60

Crafts are often about absolute precision. Whether it's getting a line stroke just right, positioning a scrap of paper or bauble of metal just so, or allowing several pieces to fit together perfectly, everything has to be precise. And to be precise, you have to be able to see.

From drafting to photography and beyond, a lightbox has been one of those elemental tools for bringing that light and precision that any true artist needs. The Cricut BrightPad is the next evolution of that idea, an ultra-powerful, yet ultra-thin crafting companion that can truly elevate and illuminate any project.

Let's get it out of the way first — the BrightPad looks like an iPad. Well, it's a touch bigger than the actual tablet, but it really does look like you could fire it up and start playing with your apps. But the BrightPad is actually a lightweight, durable, portable lighting surface that can help make crafting projects work more easily while it also protects your vision from eye strain.

For artists, or particularly those who enjoy tracing, it's easy to set the BrightPad to just the right light level for your project. Users can adjust through five different brightness settings to find the perfect illumination. With a 9 by 11.5-inch lighted surface and measuring only two inches thick, it's easy to prop the BrightPad up on a desk, crafting table, or even in your lap and get right down to business.

Crafters who work with vinyl or iron-on are especially overjoyed with the BrightPad, which allows them to snip off all the excess bits and pieces — the weeding — that can often go unseen without heavy illumination from the likes of the BrightPad.

The unit is also highly versatile, working for virtually any craftsperson who needs extra light to do their best work. From paper piecing for quilts to jewelry making to precision artistry like calligraphy, the BrightPad offers the means to do your absolute best work.

Regularly $79, the Cricut BrightPad is on sale now at 25 percent off, down to just $59.99.

Prices subject to change.